Direct Drive Motor Electric Skateboard 12S KIT

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Direct Drive Motor System

You will be amazed at how smooth the new direct drive motors feel. ONSRA's new direct drive system provides an insane amount of torque and smooth acceleration. Using the highest quality of materials to last you thousands miles! 

31+ mph with buttery smooth acceleration and take off power. Best paired with ONSRA's airless 105x66mm 60 Durometer rubber wheels. 

3000 WATTS per motor, MAX VOLTAGE:12S/50.4V, MAX KV RATING: 75KV( 58KV each), MAX INCLINE:25%


The package includes:

  • 2 Direct Drive motors assembled to the axle
  • Forged Double Kingping front and back Trucks kit 
  • Hobbywing 12S ESC + controller